Sight Ideas

Fitted with the high A2 front sight, the VR-60 has an offset of 2.5″. In short, the line-of-sight is 2.5″ above the centerline of the bore, so at close ranges the center of your pattern will be slightly low. Not a big deal with shot, but with slugs it could be.

Solutions? If I were keeping the VR-60, I would scrap the plastic A2 sights and carry handle with metal ones and replace the rear aperture with XS Sight Systems’ CSAT, which carries a sighting notch that can be zeroed for a close-in seven yards.

While Rock Island recommends a 100-round break-in, the VR-60 fed, fired, extracted and ejected without a hiccup from the get-go. Recoil is straight back, moderate and fully controllable. Although I wish the Turks would add a soft, over-molded cheekpiece to the stock.