The Model 1887 was offered in both 10- and 12-gauge and originally came standard with a 30" barrel. In 1888 a 20" barrel was introduced and was reportedly used by some law enforcement agencies and stagecoach companies.

Due to its unique look and action, the Model 1887 has been seen in numerous films including The Professionals with Burt Lancaster, The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean with Paul Newman, Terminator 2 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Mummy Returns with Brendan Fraser and many others.

Today, original Model 1887s are as scarce as the proverbial hen’s teeth and highly sought after by Winchester collectors. The shotgun shown is a faithful reproduction manufactured by Norinco and imported by Interstate Arms Corporation.

The Norinco features a blued finish and the walnut buttstock stock with ball-type pistol grip. The forend pieces shows a lot of grain. With the 20" barrel, overall length is 37" and the tubular magazine holds five rounds.