Exclusives: Adaptive Tactical’s Sidewinder Venom Kits Convert Mossberg Pumps To Magazine Feeds


Venom mossberg

Since I happen to own a Mossberg Model 500 pump-action shotgun, when I was asked to check out the Sidewinder Venom kits that can convert a Model 500 or 590 into a magazine-fed smoothbore, my attention was fixed.

Produced by Adaptive Tactical LLC in Nampa, Idaho, the Sidewinder Venom kits now available will soon be joined by a Venom 10-round rotary kit designed to fit the Mossberg Shockwave.

Okay, what are these things? According to Adaptive Tactical, the Sidewinder Venom Kit “delivers faster cycle times and reliable, lightning fast reloads. Users can go from empty to fully loaded in seconds for the ultimate in home defense.”

Kits are available for either the 500, 88 or 590 series of Mossberg 12-gauge pump shotguns configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes and 18.5″ barrels.

“Complete shotgun magazine conversion kits,” the company provides, “for at-home installation includes either a five-round box, 10-round box or 10-round rotary magazine and includes a forend with action bars, magazine tube, barrel clamp, forend grip, emery cloth and simple installation guide.”

There are two versions. The Venom 10-round Rotary Kit features a rotary magazine that holds 10 2 ¾” 12-gauge shotgun shells. The unit is ambidextrous and designed for owner installation.

venom mossberg

Venom Mossberg

The Venom features a Wraptor forend with three Picatinny rails and an integrated heat shield with threaded inserts for mounting an optional Kelly grip. The kit includes a 10-round magazine, forend with action bars, mag tube, barrel clamp, forend grip, an emery cloth and instructions for installation.

The Venom SE 10-round box kit for the Mossberg 500/88 includes the magazine, Wraptor forend with action bars, mag tube, barrel clamp, forend grip, an M4-style stock, emery cloth and installation guide.

It’s made from polymer and alloy, and the forend also features three rails, a heat shield and sight tunnel.

The EX Performance M4-style stock features a pistol grip and adjustable length-of-pull.

When I looked closely at the details, I discovered the unit is available in basic black, Multicam or Tiger Stripe. They are all made right here in the United States.

According to Adaptive Tactical’s Sales Director Gary Cauble, developing these kits has been a long process, but now things are rolling and backorders are being filled.

The Sidewinder Venom-SE kit with the M4-style stock has an MSRP of $339.99, while the Sidewinder Venom 10-round rotary kit has an MSRP of $269.99.

For more info: Adaptive Tactical
Ph: (208) 442-8000