Ruger BirdShead Wrangler


The .22 LR Ruger Wrangler has been around a couple of years now and is a favorite among all kinds of shooters. Now, adding a bit of spice to the mix is the Ruger Wrangler Birdshead model.

Mirroring all the features and available finishes of the standard Wrangler, the Birdshead model features a Birdhead grip frame to give it a bit of panache. We tested this out over the weekend with some less-experienced shooters and like the “regular” Wrangler, they immediately fell in love. The low recoil, simple manual of arms and “cowboy” feel make the gun popular for both plinking and training. In fact, just for fun, I’m going to build a .22 LR 2-gun “Cowboy” rig featuring my regular Wrangler in a strong-side shuck while the Birdshead will ride crossdraw. It might not be Doc Holliday-approved, but it’ll be just as much fun and lots cheaper to shoot!

MSRP: $279, street price around $200

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