One significant thing about the Model 69 series is there were no serial numbers. That’s never bothered me like it apparently does other people.

The little 5-round magazine is slightly curved to compensate for the angle of the rimmed cartridges. Mine has never locked up or thrown a round. The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and the front sight is dovetailed into the barrel about an inch back from the muzzle.

When I was in my teens, I refinished the stock, removing what seemed like some kind of varnish and replacing it with a hand-rubbed oil finish. I also put a thin white spacer between the hard plastic buttplate and the wood to dress it up a bit. The Winchester logo is molded into the buttplate.

The trigger on my 69A is a bit stiff but it breaks clean. Anything in the sights is going to get hit. I’ve shot grouse in the head with this rifle and more bottle caps than I can remember. That was my daddy’s rifle.