How Does She Run?

The X95 is the rifle that other bullpup weapons aspire to become. The ambidextrous magazine release is readily accessible at the front of the trigger guard. With a little practice dropping an empty magazine and charging up a fresh one goes just about as fast as the same chore on your favorite M4. Thanks to the bullpup layout, the X95 also offers a full-length street legal 16.5” barrel in a package markedly more compact than your M4.

Unlike most bullpup rifles, the X95 also enjoys an exceptionally comfortable trigger. By definition, the trigger on any bullpup rifle has to work a bit harder than its more conventional counterpart. In the case of the X95 the mechanism is just well designed. There is minimal predictable take-up and a nice clean break without any of the mush you might find in a lesser rifle.

Recoil is not a real thing, and the X95 shoots plenty straight. The full-length barrel yields proper velocities while the compact bullpup chassis makes the weapon fast and maneuverable, particularly in tight spaces. I’m fairly passionate about mine.