A Precision Hunting Bolt-Action Rifle
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The folks at SIG SAUER have been building quality handguns for generations, but it’s only been in the past decade, and more so in recent years, that the company has gotten into long guns with its popular MPX, MCX and M400 lines. Just last year, they introduced the TREAD series of customizable AR rifles.

I’ve fired so many SIG pistols I’ve lost count, and my experience with the company’s semi-auto modern sporting rifle have all been positive. So, to expect anything less than dependability and durability when the “Complete Systems Provider” announces a 21st century bolt-action precision hunting rifle in two very popular calibers — plus something new — seems like wasted worrying.

Instead, I sit up and take notice.


Built entirely at their facilities in New Hampshire, the SIG SAUER CROSS is not easily described to anyone used to traditional bolt-action hunting rifles.

Let’s start in the rear with the precision-style folding skeleton stock, which features an adjustable cheekpiece and buttpad for increased shooter comfort. Activated by the push of a button at the hinge, the stock folds over the right side of the rifle, cradling the oversized bolt handle and knob.

Built on a one-piece aluminum receiver, the receiver houses the trigger group for the two-stage match-grade trigger — user-adjustable from 2.5 to 4 lbs. without disassembly. A three-lug bolt with 60-degree throw is used to further increase accuracy and reliability. An ambidextrous safety is located on either side of the receiver while a replaceable Picatinny rail sits on top for mounting a matching precision optic.


Up front, the CROSS throws lead from a stainless steel barrel measuring either 16" or 18", depending upon the caliber, with 5/8 threading. Initially available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester, the CROSS will also soon be offered in a new .277 SIG FURY chambering.

Models in .308 Winchester and .277 FURY will sport 16" barrels with either a 1:10" or 1:8.5" twist, respectively, while 6.5 Creedmoor models will only be available with an 18" barrel, cut with a 1:8" twist.

A free-float alloy handguard surrounds the barrel with M-LOK accessory slots on four sides for the easy installation of a bipod or additional rails.

Depending on the model, overall length ranges from 36.5" to 38.5", or 25" to 27" when folded. On the scale, the CROSS weighs in at 6.5 to 6.8 lbs. — roughly 40% lighter than similar rifles — making it “the lightest, most portable rifle in its class.”

In addition to being offered in two different barrel lengths, the CROSS is also available in two finishes: black anodized and a handsome First Lite Cipher ARMAKOTE camo pattern.

The CROSS ships with a 5-round AICS polymer magazine. MSRP is $1,779.


Next-Gen Hunting

Looking at photos and videos of the SIG SAUER CROSS, it might just be the future of rifle hunting for today’s generation of hunters.

My guess is this rifle will earn quick popularity among shooters who have been using semi-autos and want to slow things down a bit, or those looking for a modern take on classic bolt-actions. A rifle with features for all shooters, don’t be surprised if the younger audience adopts the CROSS first.

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