Tool Time

Long ago I made do with cheap screwdrivers and improvised pin punches (nails, for example). Only after buggering up screw slots and scratching gun finishes did I smarten up. Before disassembling your new rifle, get proper tools and be thankful (as I am) for Torx screws in scope mounts, not to mention large Allen-head guard screws.

The Weekender kit from Birchwood Casey has a well-chosen selection of gunsmithing tools including a hammer with nylon and brass faces, brass punches, roll and steel pin punches along with a selection of screwdriver bits (flat, Phillips, Torx, and hex) in the most commonly encountered sizes. All the tools are well made and — for around $30 — the kit is a ridiculously good value. Back in the day it would have saved me untold grief, not to mention the cost of replacing damaged parts.