Tactical Glass

In the Information Age, if you don’t have something sparkly perched atop your black rifle, you run the risk of having to eat lunch someplace other than the Cool Kids’ Table. SIG’s Tango6 is at the top of the heap in adjustable optics. At 1X the Tango6 allows both-eyes-open instantaneous engagement at bad breath range. Twist the ocular ring up to 6X and you can reach out beyond the practical limits of the 5.56.

The reticle is battery illuminated with a wide variety of brightness options. It turns itself off when it hasn’t moved for a bit and powers up again when you get cracking. The aiming point is a “reverse horseshoe” with associated holdover stadia allowing for instantaneous elevation estimates at extended ranges. The scope’s first focal plane reticle changes size with power adjustments, allowing for quick and dirty close engagements as well as precise work at longer yardages without a lot of cumbersome math.