Springfield Armory XD(M) by Air Venturi

At first glance, and even after hefting this air wonder, you’ll be certain you’re hoisting the real thing — similar weights included. Dimensions are near exact, or as close as I can tell as are all the cosmetics. Side by side, it’s impossible to tell which is a centerfire and which is a BB pistol until you read the ultra-fine print on the frame.

The operating controls are also near identical. The BB-version field strips like the real deal and features a grip safety, striker status indicator, trigger safety and slide lock lever. Heck, it even includes interchangeable backstraps for custom fit and a front fiber optic sight.

Shooting this .177 BB pistol also offers an impressive degree of realism. The reciprocating slide simulates recoil and the magazine release functions as it should. The magazine includes both the CO2 canister and BB reservoir and air remains captive when you drop it. If you want to develop blistering reload speeds or work on malfunction drills, pick up a spare magazine or two and get busy.

Each magazine holds 20 “rounds” and a CO2 cylinder will get you about 70 shots. As for velocity, depending on your BB style, ambient temperature and CO2 cylinder status, figure about 325 fps at the top end.