A New Original

As said in the beginning, Cimarron/Uberti did an exemplary job of recreating the original Model 1894s. Sights are semi-buckhorn rear with notched slider. Each notch in the slider is supposed to represent an increase of 50 yards in elevation zero. Of course, it depends on ammunition velocity. The front sight is a one-piece blade. Both front and rear sights are dovetailed to the barrel so the rifle can be zeroed for windage. A note here: Both sights have tiny “cramp” screws which must be loosened before trying to drift the sights. Buttplates on both my original and the new Cimarron are sharply curved crescent style, with the new one having a bit sharper edges top and bottom. Take it from me — you don’t want those points on either rifle pressing into your shoulder during recoil.

My sample new ’94 has the 26" octagon barrel along with a color-case-hardened receiver and lever. A carbine version is also available with a 20" lightweight barrel. However, from photos on Cimarron’s website, I think it does not have the saddle ring feature. The new ’94 isn’t cluttered with external safeties, they are the same as originals. The half-cock notch in the hammer is one safety, albeit a poor one. There is also a small spring loaded protrusion on the bottom tang. The lever must be fully closed when depressing the protrusion for the rifle to fire.