I knew I would be using a red dot sight so I specified the standard front sight tower on the upper receiver. In an emergency, looking through the red dot at the front sight is like using a large ghost ring. It is surprising how much accuracy this setup can achieve. I did install a backup rear flip-up sight to co-witness in the lower third of the red dot.

In the last few years red dot sights have become commonplace on almost all types of firearms. Some are excellent and some are more like toys for hobby guns and will not stand up to the abuse of a working gun. A red dot sight is not something you should save pennies on when it comes to saving your life and those of your loved ones.

A battle-proven company is Aimpoint and I use their red dot sights almost exclusively. The sight I chose for my rifle is the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO). The sight has 10 settings, four for use with night vision and six in daylight — one of which is extra bright.

The standard protocol for red dot sights is turn it on and leave it on and the battery life of Aimpoint sights far exceeds the competition. Left on a setting of seven, the PRO has a battery life of 30,000 hours, or over three years.