Getting Started

“It’s great rifle, supreme accuracy, top-quality, well-constructed, yada, yada, yada …” is how most of these reviews go. I get it. In every case — at least in GUNS — the writer isn’t wrapping a proverbial dog log in gold foil but reporting accurately on the positive features of our cover gun. However, in the case of the Bergara, there is more to the story — much more.

Bergara says the B-14R was designed as “the best production precision .22 possible for both beginners and seasoned competitors.”

Fair ’nough. Whether you’re competing in the National Rifle League (NRL), Precision Rifle League (PRS), or “Billy Bob’s Local Loco League Sagebrush Shoot” rimfire matches, the B-14R will handle things admirably. If you want better quality and more accuracy, you’ll have to find a Voodoo doctor-gunsmith who builds custom .22 rifles under a full moon.

However, the deeper part of the story is something Bergara glosses over until you dive deeper into their website. On page two where the detailed specs live, the company notes the gun is “an incredible accurate full size precision trainer.” Therein lies the beauty of this particular beast — it’s an ersatz Remington 700 platform with .22 LR guts.