IWI Zion-15

The Custom-Grade Modern Sporting Rifle For The Common Man

The IWI Zion-15 is the practical defensive rifle for the Working Man.
Incorporating a superlative feature set and unparalleled ergonomics,
the ZION-15 is professional-grade at a reasonable price.

The Zion-15 is IWI’s first M4-style Modern Sporting Rifle. Manufactured in the Israel Weapon Industries’ US facility in Middletown, Pennsylvania, the Zion-15 is a top-end AR rifle optimized for competition or home defense. Lightweight, reliable, and sporting a top-flight feature set, the Zion-15 builds upon generations of Israeli experience crafting some of the most respected combat firearms in the world.

The IWI Zion-15 is rugged, reliable, and accurate, perfect for competition or just a walk around your farm.


The Zion-15 is a superb defensive or competition tool. The Zion 15 Tactical Rifle includes a 15-inch free float handguard that is littered with M-LOK slots along with a Bravo Company B5 stock and pistol grip. This custom grip has a minimal rake to help keep your strong elbow tucked in tight.

The beating heart of any tactical rifle is its barrel, and the Zion-15 does not disappoint. The 16” tube is formed from 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel for exceptional precision and long life. The bore features six right-hand grooves cut with a 1-in-8 twist to stabilize most any bullet weight.

The mid-length direct impingement gas system is lightweight, combat-proven and reliable. Its location ensures ample gas pressure to operate the action even when fouled, while keeping the entrails of the rifle safely protected underneath the handguard. The Zion-15 comes with a 30-round polymer Magpul P-Mag where legal. The end result weighs a mere 6.9 pounds empty and maneuvers in tight spaces like a mongoose.

The controls on the IWI Zion-15 are in all the same places as any AR-15.


We tricked out our Zion-15 with a Streamlight TLR-9 white light illuminator, a Magpul Angled Foregrip, and a Mepro Foresight Innovative Augmented Red Dot Sight. The TLR-9 is rugged and lightweight while offering 1,000 lumens of brilliant white light. The Magpul AFG gives you the perfect spot to park your support hand when moving with a purpose.

The Mepro Foresight is a programmable brilliant gunsight that can easily drive all of your tactical long arms. You can select from a variety of reticles and displays using a Bluetooth connection to an app on your phone. The app allows you to zero the sight for a variety of weapons and then seamlessly move it from one platform to another. If this thing could cook, you’d marry it.

Israel Weapon Industries enjoys a well-deserved reputation for making superlative weapons.

Practical Tactical

Shooting this amped-up IWI Zion-15 is a delightful experience. The gun runs like a dream from bad breath ranges out to the practical limits of the cartridge and is all but recoilless. The trigger is firm enough to be safe yet sufficiently crisp for precise distance work. In short, it is exactly what you might expect from the same guys who brought you the Uzi, the Galil, and the Tavor.

The Zion-15 shoots way better than do I at long distances. Close-range double taps are sublime. Ringing steel at moderate ranges will remind you of what got you into tactical shooting in the first place. Magazines naturally drop freely, and Gene Stoner’s time-tested controls are the best in the world.

Even tricked out with a little ancillary bling, the Zion-15 rides painlessly on a sling. It comfortably kept me company on walks with my bride around my rural farm. The Zion-15 is a great way to kill a lazy Saturday afternoon at the range and will also leave you immune to varmints whether they skulk about on two legs or four.


If you’re dabbling in competition for the first time or just want to feel secure in your truck or castle, the Zion-15 is the right tool for the job. Ours is a weird old world getting weirder daily. If kept reliably secure from little fingers in your bedroom closet, the Zion-15 is just the ticket for those unexplained bumps in the night.

“By contrast, if you want to pack the same iron used by SEAL Team 6, you’d best be ready to shell out a boatload of cash. The Zion-15 strikes the sensible sweet spot in between those two extremes.”

The market for black rifles in America these days is cluttered. Low-end guns are dirt cheap but might have been bodged together in some guy’s basement out of leftover parts rejected elsewhere. By contrast, if you want to pack the same iron used by SEAL Team 6, you’d best be ready to shell out a boatload of cash. The Zion-15 strikes the sensible sweet spot in between those two extremes.

Packed with the features you need and foregoing the fluff you don’t, the Zion-15 gets you into a legit professional-grade black rifle at a Working Man’s price. The MSRP is a reasonable $899. With the Zion-15 as a starting point, adding an optic and a few well-reasoned accessories lets you run with the big dogs without hocking a kidney to get there. The Zion-15 is the tool for the shooter who demands quality but still lives in the real world. Svelte, reliable, and cool, you’ll not find a more practical rifle anywhere.

For more information: iwi.us

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