IWI Masada Slim

Personal Protection for a Crazy World
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If you choose to take personal responsibility for your — or your family’s — safety,
the Masada Slim offers combat-proved features in a highly-concealable package.

The Israel Weapon Industries Masada Slim is the concealed carry version of the esteemed full-sized Masada 9mm combat handgun. Packing a full 13+1 magazine capacity into the same space we might have expected of a .380 ACP mouse gun a generation ago, the Masada Slim represents the elusive ‘successful compromise.’ The Masada Slim is small enough to carry comfortably while still remaining pleasant, reliable and accurate on the range.

The Masada Slim is a compact polymer-framed, striker-fired combat pistol designed specifically for the concealed carry mission. The grip is as small as is physically possible yet still fills the hand for a comfortable shooting experience. The gun weighs a mere 1.27 pounds empty and 1.4 pounds with a fully loaded magazine. This is the full-service combat tool to keep you company most anywhere.


The Masada 9S packs the same sorts of features you might find in a full-sized pistol into something
to comfortably ride underneath shorts and a t-shirt, or even in your pocket.

Find a Need and Fill It

Perception is reality. On the basis of raw statistics, the 1970s were a more dangerous era than we live in today. However, nowadays multiple competing news organizations fill your phone, computer and TV with gory tales of woe in an effort at grabbing your attention and harvesting those almighty clicks. “If it bleeds, it leads” is more than a vapid news mantra. Stories of tragedy reliably keep us coming back for more.

As a result, it is easy to get discouraged about the state of our world today. Mass shootings in supermarkets, churches, and sundry public venues break our hearts, while governments abdicate their responsibilities and put criminals back on the streets as soon as they’re caught. The end result is those of us who choose to assume responsibility for our own safety and security drive the gun market to optimize the tools we need for that mission. I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy. Enter the Masada Slim.

“I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy. Enter the Masada Slim.”

The diminutive dimensions, modest weight, and superlative feature set of the Masada Slim make it easy to carry under most any circumstance. In a proper IWB holster the gun rides comfortably underneath shorts and a t-shirt. It is even small enough for pocket carry in non-permissive environments.

The Masada 9S is the compact concealed carry version of the superlative IWI Masada combat pistol.

Tactical Particulars

The full-sized Masada is a state-of-the-art combat pistol. Featuring all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from a modern tactical handgun, all at a c-note or so less than its competition, the Masada is a great value in a defensive weapon. It is also designed and manufactured in Israel by some of the most experienced gun guys on the planet. The Masada Slim uses the standard Masada as a foundation and then shrinks everything down a bit.
The blackened stainless barrel on the Slim is 3.4 inches long and rifled 1-in-10 inches to the right. The slide sports deep cocking grooves both front and rear. It is also cut from the factory for an RMR Shield-standard red dot optic. The front sight includes a bright white dot. The rear sight is black and grooved for fast acquisition.

The flat-faced trigger is simply divine. The take-up is smooth and grit-free, while the break is clean and crisp. It also features the expected abbreviated reset. A built-in blade safety in the trigger face is drop safe. With your finger clear, the gun remains inert. Put your finger into the trigger guard and the safety comes off automatically.

The steel fire control unit is the serialized bit of the gun. This component is modular and easily removable for cleaning. The flush-fitting box magazine packs thirteen rounds of 9mm Para onboard. The Masada Slim comes with two.

The Masada 9S (right) is the new miniaturized version of the full-sized Masada combat pistol.

Trigger Time

The grip of the Masada Slim forms tightly around the magazine. This is the reason the IWI guys can pack thirteen rounds into such a compact space. The grip texturing is rough enough to improve control without being uncomfortable.

Packing a gun like this is driven by the grip dimensions and the slide length. Grip size governs printing, while the barrel and slide influence relative comfort. In both dimensions the Masada Slim is as small as possible while still retaining its generous magazine capacity. Aggressive gripping grooves both front and rear let you run the slide with authority.

The nerve center of a gun like this is its trigger. The flat face is comfortable, and the safety disengages without conscious thought. The take-up creates the scant buffer desirable in a concealed carry pistol, while the beautifully-designed break enhances accuracy and offers fast follow-up shots. At across-the-room ranges, the gun groups in a juice can lid so long as I did my part.

Despite its rarefied design and superlative workmanship, the Masada Slim sports an MSRP of $450. Google will tell you that this is considerably cheaper than most comparable offerings elsewhere.

You may have money running out of your ears. You may have rooms full of money and trained albino rhinos to tote it around for you. For the rest of us, however, money represents toil and work. The Masada Slim is the optimized concealed carry pistol offered at a very nice price.


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(L to R) The IWI Masada, the Masada Tactical, and the new Masada Slim.