Henry Repeating Arms offers many different models. Mine is the carbine length with a 17-1/2" barrel and a modified large loop lever. I do not care for the “John Wayne/Rifleman” large loop levers, however, the Henry version is somewhere midway between this and the standard lever and I find it very comfortable and easy to operate. It would certainly be appreciated in cold weather when wearing gloves.

This Henry .357 Magnum is blued steel with an American walnut stock fitted with a black solid rubber recoil pad. The stock is also fitted with sling swivel studs. Sights are semi-Buckhorn style, however, since the top of the receiver is drilled and tapped for a scope base, I went directly to this option of mounting a scope.

My first .357 Magnum, as mentioned earlier, goes back almost 40 years. However, as the grandkids have arrived, now 14 in number, I have been in the process of adding one for each of them to have eventually. In a one-month period, I purchased three .357 Magnum leverguns. The Henry was the only one that needed nothing to be done to it except shooting. The other two came with 7 to 8 lbs. trigger pulls that I had taken down below 4 lbs. for easier shooting. Each of them also had a hitch in the loading area that often caused inserted cartridges to catch on something. With its “new-old style” method of loading, the Henry bypassed any of these problems and also came with a usable trigger pull.