You deserve a pleasure plinker!

Go ahead and spoil yourself —— while you can
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A well-adorned .22 rimfire capable of taking your breath away is just the ticket to stir
both your heart and soul. Everyone should have one special gun.

Sometimes the urge to break away from the norm is overwhelming. We want something different — something capable of bringing out the green-eyed monster in our friends with its wow factor, while at the same time, putting a contented smile on our face. Sure, we all have working guns, guns we’ve carried for years and have special meaning to us. But deep down, we want one special gun … shouldn’t everyone have one?

Weapons adorned with ornamentation is a tradition as old as man himself. Unfortunately, the receiver of such special weaponry wasn’t given it until his very death; he was buried with the fancy weapon worked over by family and friends. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your “one of a kind” spirit-slayer while you’re alive, instead of during the afterlife? I know I would! That’s why the time to get your fancy shooter is now!


Close-up of the engraving by Dale Bass.


What caliber would you get for your special shooter? Would you use your favorite cartridge, or the caliber you shoot the most? Many times they aren’t the same. In this case, we went with the most popular cartridge of all time, the .22 LR. Everyone loves shooting a .22! It’s how most of us got our start in shooting, making it hold a special spot in our heart, especially when it’s adorned like this one.


The barrel and ejector rod housing are well adorned.

When Dinosaurs Roamed …

During the Miocene, or late Pliocene period, around 10,000, maybe 11,000 years ago, mastodons roamed the earth. For this, we can be extremely grateful. You see, their recovered tusks make beautiful gun stocks to ogle and appreciate for their beauty. And, the “anti’s” can’t complain because it’s recovered artifact — but boy is it pretty!

When skillfully fit and shaped to a gun it gives new life, feeling wonderful in the hand and invitingly telling you, “pick me up and hold me!” The stocks were shaped and fitted in-house by Tyler Gun Works.


Imagine wrapping your hand around such a pretty shooter.
Makes you want to pick it up through the pages, right?

Skillful Scratcher

Engraving is nothing more than the skillful scratching of metal into wonderful patterns. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but when the right tools are used by a talented person, the results are spectacular! Many people think engraving is out of hand pricewise but if you explore the different options available, it’s not as expensive as you think. There’s no denying how it makes a gun extra “special” by adding three-dimensional depth with this coverage.

Adding ink to the scrolls gives it a shadow effect on stainless guns for a look more beautiful than the deepest blued gun, in my opinion. Dale Bass was the engraver in this case.

You Deserve It!

So, if you’ve ever pined away for a special, one-of-a-kind shooter, the time to do it is now. Whenever picking up your special shooter, the price will be long forgotten as satisfaction fills your heart. Your gun will speak to you like never before. Are you listening? As they say, “life’s too short” to not have one special gun, to truly enjoy, whether shooting it, or not.

Bobby Tyler, of Tyler Gun Works, has the crew turn a favorite gun into family heirloom status with his ministrations — while you’re still this side of the dirt, able to enjoy it.

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