A Trip Around The Gun

The profile of the Q4 SF is similar to the very popular PPQ M2 but with a few differences. The slide configuration is almost identical with effective but easy-on-the-hand cocking serrations front and rear. The top of the slide has an anti-glare row of grooves the full length. The front and sides of the slide are rounded to assist in holstering and comfortable carry.

The front sight is pinned, while the rear sight is in a notch to allow drift-adjustable correction.

Moving down to the steel frame, the slide lock is a long, recessed lever which is easy to thumb but doesn’t stick out enough to get in the way. It is also ambidextrous. The takedown lever is just ahead of the slide lock on the left side of the frame.

Field-stripping the Q4 gives us a chance to explore the internal workings of the gun. The internal trigger block safety is on the right side of the slide just behind where the firing pin exits. On the frame you see the extension on the trigger bar. It deactivates the safety as the trigger is pulled all the way to the rear. The rail guides, the trigger bar and the barrel lock mechanism are all beefy to match the ruggedness of the frame. This is a gun to easily last several lifetimes. Factor this into the cost of the gun — you’re buying something your great grandchildren may someday enjoy.

Cleaning is standard. Swab out the barrel, remove residue from the gun’s inner workings, add a touch of oil to all the contact points and put it back together. For now, let’s pop the barrel back in place, snap in the recoil spring assembly (the smallest end goes to the front), push the slide on the frame and lock it back. Rotate the takedown lever counterclockwise until it’s aligned with the frame and we’re done.