The “Real Favorite” Carry

Although the Suspender Holster is not modern, I like it a lot and use it often. For lack of a better or more correct name for the holster, it attaches to the two buttons on the trousers and in the holster backside by a ring attached to the hanging suspender strap. I don’t know what it is, but I know other guys have the same issue. As I’ve gotten older, my butt goes away and there isn’t anything to hold my pants up, so suspenders work. Even fancy lawyers in New York City wear suspenders, so I can’t be that out of style (like I worry about it) and my suspenders have holsters, which is even better yet.

That said, the suspender holster works well. I put pants on with a T-shirt and then drape a for-real shirt or jacket over the top of the trousers and gun, which conceals the big revolver easily.