The Gun

The gun started life fresh from the box as my issued on-duty weapon for nearly a decade while I was a full-time city police officer in Nowheresville, USA. Back in the ’90s our department, like countless others, fell under the spell of the “Magical 40” and bought G22s. It was my first introduction to the then-new (for U.S. agencies) GLOCK.

I still remember familiarization training. Somewhere around 1992, each shift reported to the range and turned in their heavy stainless Smith and Wesson 4506s to be handed the svelte G22s. The new guns were black and sexy, simplicity personified and while they didn’t feel quite as robust as the boat-anchor Smiths, we all knew these guns were the future of fighting pistols!

As it turned out, like all fads, a few years later the popular gun press went chasing other dragons and our firearms instructors soon lost interest in the “old” guns. The next Latest, Greatest Thing was the GLOCK 21 in .45 ACP so we all dutifully trooped to the range and turned our ’22s in for shiny new G21s.