At The Range

While testing with a varied diet of Winchester SXZ9 Personal Protection 115-grain JHP, Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun 135-grain JHP, SIG SAUER V-Crown 147-grain JHP and Hornady Subsonic 147-grain XTP, all three of the Taurus G-series pistols performed well. The two smaller pistols are quite snappy but the enhanced texture of the G3c helped tame it. The TRUGLO sights worked as I had hoped and I was able to put rounds on target to my satisfaction with all three guns.

After I’d been shooting a while, I set up a new target at the 10-yard mark and shot five rounds of each type of ammo with the G3c to see what kind of groups I could produce. It handled all the ammo well. The best grouping was with the Hornady Subsonic 147-grain XTP with three of five shots practically in the same hole. My overall assessment of the new G3c is it’s a fine pistol at a price enabling lots of people who might otherwise not have the resources to have a reliable carry gun for their personal safety.

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