The Reliability Factor

I lost exact count early on, but by the time we finished the second test run, we were coming right up on 1,000 rounds without cleaning or adding any lubrication to the gun as it came out of the box. There were no malfunctions of any kind in the first test cycle, and then only two in the second — failures to feed. Both occurred with out-of-spec Winchester “White Box” 115-gr. ball rounds that wouldn’t have fed in any other 9mm either. Hence, the 100 percent reliability rating.

One feature of the P365 — which I’m amazed SIG doesn’t advertise — is its full-length recoil spring guide rod allows the barrel/slide assembly to stay in battery when the muzzle is pressed straight in against resistance — the sometimes necessary “hard contact” shot in last-ditch defensive shooting. More subcompacts than not will go out of battery and fail in that kill-or-be-killed situation. The P365 will let you make this hard contact shot.