The CS 9mm utilizes a 16-lb. 13-14 coil spring captured on a full-length guide rod. Removal from the pistol is clearly outlined in the user’s manual and replacement is recommended every 800–1,000 rounds.

Finding a dedicated holster can be a challenge. The Galco Concealable is formed around the non-rail pistol but is stitched in a way allowing re-forming for a perfect fit on this railed gun. It is a short version of the holster I use regularly with full-sized 1911s. It hides well over a T-shirt and under an un-tucked sports shirt and I find it completely comfortable. The Galco Corvus is a polymer OWB rig with IWB straps included. Tuckable hardware is available.

Holsters for the wide array of mounted, lights and lasers are a custom proposition.