The SSR is named for the Stock Service Revolver division in IDPA, the International Defensive Pistol Association. Because IDPA limits shooters to 6 rounds in their revolvers, the 686 SSR has the conventional 6-chambered cylinder. Says Tony Miele, “We had experienced very good success with the 686 SSR within the IDPA community. The 5" gun is a natural follow-on for ICORE shooters, who can have longer barrels and who can take advantage of the 7th shot.”

ICORE is the International Congress Of Revolver Enthusiasts. Their formats seem a bit like the Steel Challenge, where a lighter-barreled revolver is an advantage because it swings faster between the multiple targets. Miele knows the ICORE game, and it sounds as if the new gun will be a fine candidate for it.

A couple of other Performance Center touches adorn this Pro Series gun. The cylinder face is cut for full moon clips, the fastest possible reloading system for a wheelgun. The chambers also appear to have been chamfered at the factory, to further enhance reloading speed. The action is not hand-honed like a true Performance Center gun, but this one does have the lighter mainspring the Performance Center uses on its custom L-frames.