Go For The Glow:
New DXT2 Big Dot Night
Sights From XS Sights


XS Sights Keeps You On Target With Their New DXT2 Sight

It’s all about faster acquisition, higher visibility and staying on target with XS Sights new Big Dot night sights series.

I’m a big fan of tritium night sights because they work, as I’ve personally experienced on a few occasions over the year. I prefer them to a gun-mounted “tactical” flashlight or even a laser, although others will almost certainly disagree.

Some years ago, I had my first experience with XS Sights, which produces the very popular “Big Dot” that is virtually impossible to not see in low light conditions. It’s the reason several of my pals have mounted them on their favorite sidearms. (I’d like to be able to claim it was my influence, but I’m neither that arrogant nor stupid.

Shooters discover night sights on their own much of the time, and the newest of the bunch from XS is the DXT2 Big Dot family. I had a close look at these sights at the recent SHOT Show and they’re really impressive.

They’re available in two colors, Optic Yellow and Optic Orange. The DXT2 Big Dot’s patent-pending colored glow dot absorbs light so it glows even before it’s dark enough to see the tritium lamp at the center.

With the V-notch rear sight that features a vertical white stripe with a tritium vial at the center, the Big Dot DXT2 sight picture produces something of a “dot-the-i” visual image.

The glow dot, according to XS Sights, stores energy so it will glow brightly for several hours, say from dusk until dawn — those critical hours when being able to quickly find your front sight in an emergency could make the difference between surviving or losing a gunfight.

Being able to quickly find the front sight becomes a non-starter concern for anybody with one of these Big Dot sights on their defensive sidearm.

XS Sights says Optic Yellow is “the most visible color in low light and is a direct replacement for the first-generation white Big Dot sight.” We took a look at this sight at their SHOT Show display and definitely take their word for it.

On the other hand, according to XS Sights, “Optic Orange is the best for bright light settings such as shooting outside in daylight and offers a high-glow intensity that maintains visibility in decreasing light levels.” Again, you’ll get no argument from me. 

The Gen 2 Big Dot sights are four times as bright as the Gen 1 Big Dots, thanks largely to the patent-pending glow dot. This donut-shaped glow dot surrounds the tritium lamp and the setup is solid. They work because of what the company calls “photo luminescent properties.”

Backed by a 10 year, no-questions-asked warranty, the DXT2 Big Dot sights became available in December, and they got plenty of attention from firearms retailers during the SHOT Show.

These sights are offered for all GLOCK pistols; Smith & Wesson M&P full-size and compact models; S&W M&P Shield, SIG SAUER P Series pistols including the P320, P226 and P229; Springfield XD series and the FNH FN509.

According to a press release from XS Sights, the MSRP for the DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight is $132.

For more info: www.xssights.com