A Carry Solution

Back in the 1970’s, DeSantis produced the Mac Scatter, a point-and-shoot shoulder rig for both the MAC-10 and Uzi submachine guns. Today’s DeSantis DSD rig is designed to allow security agents to pack an SMG or micro assault rifle covertly. The DSD configures the gun muzzle down on the strong side and balanced by a brace of magazines. The rig is made from heavy-duty ballistic nylon and is amply cut to distribute the weight of the weapon and ammunition. Magazine pouches are available in either 5.56 or 9mm. The whole setup leaves your hands otherwise free.

Add on a Low Profile System from High Threat Concealment and you’re packing enough onboard chaos to dislodge ISIS from Syria. This hard-use rig packs your sidearm with spare mags and two spare AR magazines both comfortably and discreetly. Construction is indestructible nylon and Kydex and everything rides underneath a bulky jacket.