Colt Officer's Model .22

According to the serial number, this one came out of Hartford, Connecticut in 1939. There’s even less bluing on the barrel than my Smith Masterpiece — though the cylinder and frame bluing looks good. More importantly, it’s one of my best shooting handguns — despite being only two years younger than I am.

While I don’t have the original grips (or box) I like the plastic grips because of the thumb rest and “good feel,” athough they do offend my eyes!

The front sight is an insert — which I’ve nail-polished white (easier to see on a black bull). The rear is adjustable — a tiny screw on the right side for windage, one on the top left for elevation. Until Colt came out with the Python, the Colt Officer’s Model Target was the top of their line. Some say this rimfire is the Python — the Officer’s Model .22 action involving so much handwork. The SA trigger pull on my cherished piece of rimfire history? A slick 2 lbs., 15 oz.