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Something had to be done to provide more sixgun strength. Special 5-shot cylinders were made as large as possible and still be able to fit the Colt Single Action frame window. By using 4140 steel, Casull was able to top Keith’s Heavy .44 Special load by 100 fps. Next came special heat treating of cylinders and frames. This allowed 250-grain bullets to be driven to 1,550 fps. (Remember this is even before the .44 Magnum arrived, however his goal was 1,800 fps.)

In 1957 Casull acquired special 1:24" twist barrels from P. O. Ackley which greatly improved accuracy. He abandoned the 5-shot Colt and Bisley Model Single Actions and began building his own revolvers using 4150 steel for the cylinders and 4140 for the frames. Remember this is still with the standard .45 Colt brass and with the new sixgun he was able to get to 1,800 fps with a 230-grain bullet. In the February 1966 issue of this magazine in an article entitled “A Power-Packing Pistol: The .454 Magnum,” Casull was converting .44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawks to 5-shot .454s. Again, the brass was standard .45 Colt.