Doesn’t Hurt?

Many writers seem to think they have to say recoil is not bad whenever they write about any of these cartridges. I will tell you recoil with full-house loads is very, very serious. My wrists have paid the penalty over the years with the result being crooked bones with no cartilage. I just received a phone call this week from a fellow who has shot a lot of the really big-bore stuff, and he had so much pain he went to the doctor who discovered he had broken a bone in his thumb.

When the .44 Magnum arrived Elmer Keith only shot 600 rounds the first year. The man was smarter than we even realized. The key to most of life is moderation in all things (I should have heeded this advice more!) and that definitely includes the truly big-bore sixguns. They do not have to be run at top speed at all times. In fact, they are a whole lot more fun loaded down. Relax and enjoy!

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