Silky Smooth DAO

Now, let’s get back to the Bond Bullpup9. The trigger system is a true Double-Action-Only, smooth as silk, and on my test-gun it averaged 8 pounds. As the trigger is moved, the wide and flat hammer emerges at the back of the slide. If you want to “stage” the trigger for careful aim, you can judge by its degree of emergence when it’s about to go. I will note here the experts advise against this.

With that long and easy trigger pull, there’s no need for a manual safety, and there isn’t one. Inside, there’s a firing-pin-block, and it’s always on, except for the last tiny bit of trigger pull. Other things, fortunately, are not there including a magazine-disconnect safety, serrations on the trigger, and a hook on the front of the trigger guard.

In addition to its back-feeding, the magazine is unusual in another way. There’s no follower at the top of the spring. Where the cartridge contacts it, the spring is formed into a slick surface. Once again, like the back-feeding, it works perfectly. (During the Boberg production, a follower was offered separately, just for those who wanted to see one there.)