Caliber Conversion

The 500 Auto Max is the creation of BHA’s Greg Buchel and Tim Sundles, head honcho of Buffalo Bore Ammunition. The 500 Auto Max is simply the .500 S&W with the rim turned down to basically rimless status so it can function reliably through the AR platform. In fact, the .500 Auto Max can chamber and fire in any revolver or single shot chambered for the 500 S&W.

For handloaders, the same reloading data is used, as well as the same dies and shell holder, for the .500 S&W. However, the 500 Auto Max requires a taper crimp as the cartridge headspaces off the case mouth. Ammunition is available and currently shipping from Buffalo Bore, Steinel and Underwood Ammo.

Compared to the .50 Beowulf, the 500 Auto Max pushes same weight bullets 2,300 fps faster incomparable results.