Guns For Gals

Some Good Choices Are Found Within Conventional Wisdom, And Others Are Hiding “Outside-The-Box”

A GUNS reader suggested a story on which handguns might be best for a defense-minded woman. Our editor agrees. Shortly after receiving the assignment, I was teaching a MAG-40 class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle, and eight of the 29 students and three of the training staff happened to be female. Sometimes, things just work out….

The old saw that autoloaders aren’t for women because they aren’t strong enough to retract the slides, is bunk. There are multiple ways for a person with limited upper-body strength to manipulate a semi-automatic pistol. First, if it’s an outside hammer design that’s not double-action-only, cocking the hammer will alleviate the additional resistance of the mainspring, leaving only the tension of the recoil spring for the shooter to work against.

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