Grizzly Handgun Hunting Ammunition

One size does not definitely fit all when it comes to handgun hunting ammunition. My two most used hunting handguns are a custom 14-inch Thompson/Center Contender chambered in 6.5 JDJ which has been tremendously effective on thin-skinned game from aoudads to zebras while my 7-1/2-inch Freedom Arms .44 Magnum with 240-grain JHPs fills a smaller niche for me, as it is my number one Whitetail sixgun. Both have a long string of 1-shot kills. I’m very careful about bullet selection as well as bullet placement with both of these exceptionally accurate handguns.

When it comes to tough game with heavy muscles and bones I switch from a hollowpoint or softpoint to a much tougher bullet either solid or hardcast. Grizzly Cartridge Company is now offering quality hunting ammunition for our two most popular hunting sixguns, the .357 and .44 Magnums. Countless articles have been written about the effectiveness of the .357 Magnum on big game. Is it the best? Of course not, however Colonel Doug Wesson used it very effectively in the 1930s and I don’t believe game has gotten any tougher since then. He used a cast bullet in the then-new .357 Magnum from Smith & Wesson.

Grizzly Cartridge Co. is the parent company of Cast Performance Bullet Company, which has an excellent reputation for quality hunting bullets. For the .357 Magnum Grizzly uses the 180-grain Hard Cast Gas Check bullet. In a 7-1/2-inch .357 Magnum Model 83 from Freedom Arms this load clocks at 1,437 fps and places four shots in 1-1/8-inch at 50 yards.
By John Taffin

Grizzly Cartridge Company
P.O. Box 1466 , Rainier, OR 97048
(503) 556-3006

Freedom Arms
P.O. Box 150, Freedom, WY 83120
(307) 883-2469

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