Great Glass

Minox Offers Great Binos And Now Great Scopes

The bright, sharp optics of the Minox ZA3 made it a pleasure to use in long shooting sessions at the range. The 1/4 MOA click adjustments were accurate and repeatable. The Minox is a premium scope and provides great performance for the cost.

There’s a new player in the field of premium binoculars: the Minox APO HG 8×43 made at Wetzlar, Germany. As with top-end binoculars from prestigious European makers such as Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss the concept of the APO series is to use the most up-to-date technology, make the best possible product and charge whatever it costs.

A good binocular is one of the good things in life, because it is so useful, used so much and, given reasonable care, lasts so long. It is worth stretching the budget for a binocular, more so than for even a rifle and scope.

Generally in big-game hunting you can expect to spend a couple of hours a day, sometimes much more, using the binocular. The rifle and scope may get used for a few seconds on the entire hunt—admittedly a few critical seconds in which they have to work, but reliability doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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