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I have been fortunate to have jobs I liked all of my adult life. This writing—using the term loosely on my part—is fun and, although I am not great at it, I think most of the time I can contribute something to the folks who might read my columns. Part of the fun aspect is getting to use really good gear.

Starting his business in 1983, Craig Spegel is quickly approaching three decades of stock making for handguns. His work and designs are copied by many and stolen by some, but in neither case are they ever equaled, in my opinion. Craig has made over 20,000 pairs of stocks over the years and the revolver stocks made by him are unmatched in fit, function and quality of wood. Spegel’s absolute forte is the revolver stock, and I hardly own a revolver that doesn’t have a pair of stocks either of the boot-grip or full-grip design. The boot-grip design is a personal favorite, even on N-frame Smith & Wessons and they provide a degree of concealment while providing a positive, solid, grip area.

Spegel’s stocks come in smooth or checkered formats; the smooth are prettier, but the checkered are more functional as the smooth versions are finished so well that they can be a bit slippery sometimes. Grips are offered for J, K, L and N frames for round or square butt. There is also a conversion setup that allows for round-butt guns to be fitted to wear a square-butt set of stocks.

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