“Going To The Mountains!”

“We’re going to the mountains! We’re gettin’ outta here!” Jed Eckert, Red Dawn, 1984.

After many years we have sort of a standard joke here at the ranch. We are removed from much of the mass humanity of the big cities, with the house and range being at 5,500′ in the mountains of southern Oregon. Being somewhat remote, we often hear, “Man, if it goes south, like real Armageddon, I am going to the mountains to get away from the city and hide out!”

Well, this is funny after a fashion and even funnier now as there is a YouTube gig where sort of South Park-like characters talk of “going to the mountains.” Bluntly, it is hilarious and even more so because I have said these exact words to many students over the years. They come up with the “going to the mountains” and my response is “man have you ever been in the mountains? Especially in the winter?”

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