ADCO BA112 Combo Prize Package


Early shotgun enthusiasts often looked for the shotgun that can do everything at as reasonable a cost as possible. ADCO’s Best Combo Model fits the bill. This BA112 Pump-Action Shotgun Combo in 12 ga. is more than a single shot. Its standard polymer stock is practical and durable and with the short barrel, this gun is useful for deer or turkey as well as home defense. When you add a 28" barrel to the package, the BA112 Combo becomes a wide-ranging tool in the field. Add to that a set of choke tubes offering full, modified and cylinder choke options and you are covered from quail to goose. Specs of the combo are the same as the BA112-P shotgun but the BA112 Combo will have an extra 28" barrel and three choke tubes.

With an OAL of 8.13", Sheep Creek is the 5th Winner of TOPS Knives’ Employee Design Contest. It’s small enough for EDC yet big enough for camp. The 3.75" blade is made of 154CM RC 58-60 with TOPS’ new Rough Terrain finish. The handle is made of Green and Tan Canvas Micarta.

Control the humidity level inside your gun case with the Pioneer Dehumidifier from Silent Dry. This will protect your firearm from corrosion. Use the Pioneer Dehumidifier over and over. All you need to do is heat it up in a microwave oven.

We’re sure ADCO’s BA112 Pump-Action Shotgun Combo, TOPS Knives’ Sheep Creek and Silent Dry’s Pioneer Dehumidifier will serve you well at home or outdoors. So don’t miss your chance to win these useful prizes.

Giveaway ends November 30, 2022.

ADCO BA112 Combo Package

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