Taylor’s & Company TC9 Series
Revolver Package


Topping the prize package for GUNS’ first giveaway of 2023 is Taylor’s & Company’s TC9, a reproduction model of the iconic 1873 Cattleman revolver for firearm enthusiasts who want the look of a historical pistol with the performance of a modern handgun. The TC9 sports a 4.75" barrel and utilizes a side-loading gate and an ejector rod housed within the loading lever assembly for easy loading and unloading. The 9mm revolver clone has a steel case-hardened frame with a rear frame notch, fixed front blade sight and black-checkered, standard-size grip for increased performance and faster sight acquisition.

The Hammer Target is the world’s first steel target with a built-in slide hammer. Constructed with 3/8" AR500 steel, the target can be used for training with all handgun and rifle calibers. The Hammer Target is modular, highly portable and constructed with a reactive steel gong that drives fragmentation straight down.

Protect or enhance your hearing with TRACKR BLU earmuffs from AXIL! TRACKR BLU offers the world’s most advanced hearing enhancement (40 dB gain amplification) and protection (27 dB SNR) as well as Bluetooth audio — all inside of a compact, slim-line earmuff for all your ear pro needs. It reduces wind noise and its autoblocker technology compresses all sounds over 82 dB.

The TC9, Hammer Target and TRACKR BLU will all help you become a better shooter. Don’t miss your chance to own them. Enter now!

Giveaway ends January 31, 2023.

Taylor’s & Company TC9 Series Revolver Package

GUNS Magazine January 2023 Giveaway