Big Horn AR500 Auto Max Rifle Giveaway


On the first month of 2022, GUNS Magazine would like to give you something to hope for — winning our fantastic giveaway prize — a Big Horn Armory AR500 Auto Max Rifle! It’s an AR rifle like no other. Chambered in 500 Auto Max, the AR500 is a powerful, pleasant shooting, rapid firing versatile rifle in a platform weighing less than 10 lbs. It features a 1:24 rate of twist, a threaded muzzle with muzzle brake, a recessed crown, an adjustable butt stock and more. The 500 Auto Max cartridge is powerful and incredibly versatile. It can launch projectiles from a speedy 200 grains to a massive, truck-stopping 700 grains in almost any type of bullet imaginable:  Jacketed soft points, hollow points, monolithic solids, hardcast, and even frangible. Essentially a rimless 500 S&W Magnum, the 500 Auto Max is easy to reload with the same dies, shell holders, and even most loads and bullets.

The AR500 has a 5- or 9-round capacity, depending on the mags you use. A 5-round mag comes with the gun but the giveaway package also includes two 9-round magazines!

There’s also one more prize: a BHA Rhodesian Sling so you can easily carry your AR500 (that is, if you win) on your shoulder when you go hunting. This two-point sling is made of bridle leather and solid brass hardware.

Owning the AR500 Auto Max Rifle package will be within your reach, if you enter this giveaway.

Giveaway ends January 31, 2022.

Big Horn AR500 Auto Max Rifle Giveaway