MASADA Slim Pistol Package


IWI's Masada Slim is a compact, polymer striker-fired, easily concealed pistol. It features the same modular, serialized, high-grade steel trigger mechanism housing as the full-size Masada. Made with a white front dot and blacked-out rear sight, the Masada Slim’s slide utilizes RMS Shield optics cut for direct optic mounting options. Additional features include a flat trigger, clean and crisp break, positive reset, and built-in trigger safety. The Masada Slim is currently offered in 9mm caliber, includes two 13-round magazines and can run the Holosun EPS Carry 507K ’X2, SIG Romeo Zero and more.

The fixed-blade Deschutes Caper hunting knife from Kershaw is ideal for gutting and skinning game. It has a 3.3" blade made of D2 steel blade with a full-tang construction and stonewashed finish. The ergonomic handle is polypropylene with an olive rubber overlay. The Deschutes Skinner has an overall length of 7" and weighs 1.7 oz.

The AceBeam Rider RX is an everyday carry flashlight that can produce as much as 650 lumens of light on “high” with a Li-ion battery. It can also be used with alkaline and NIMH batteries. One USB-Cx14500 rechargeable battery is included. Made from stainless steel, the Rider RX has a tail switch that allows one-handed operation.

For the GUNS December 2022 giveaway, we are giving away the Masada Slim from IWI US, the Deschutes Caper from Kershaw and the Rider RX from AceBeam. Like our previous winners, you too can be surprised and amazed when it’s your turn to claim these prizes!

Giveaway ends December 31, 2022.

MASADA Slim Pistol Package

GUNS Magazine December 2022 Giveaway