Zippo Butane Lighter Insert


Okay, the Zippo Butane Lighter Insert is not strictly a shooting accessory but I nominate it as such because many shooters consider a post-range cigar, pipe or cigarette as a vital part of the whole experience. In fact, countless GUNS Magazine ideas and stories first germinated under rich blue clouds of maduro smoke!

Moreover, aficionados know when hanging around the range or campfire you must light your tobacco with a classic Zippo lighter for maximum style points. Unfortunately, if we’re being honest, the classic lighter also makes your fine Costa Rican leaf taste like burning shoe polish. Now, with the Zippo insert you get the best of both worlds — panache and efficiency!

The inset swaps out for the guts in your current lighter and comes in several flame variations — my double-flame burns hot and lasts a long time. Costing only around $15, it’s now a vital part of my shooting kit!

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