XTI2 DXS Offset Iron Sights


Dedicated secondary or backup sights on AR-platform carbines have been around 20 years or so, after soldiers in combat zones realized modern red dot optics and low-power scopes are robust, but can still fall victim to rocks, falls and gremlins. Somebody figured out by adding secondary sights, you can at least keep in the fight if the primary optic goes belly up. Later, gunners also realized any carbine with a low-power scope is great for engaging farther targets but when a “tango” pops up close enough you can smell the hummus on his breath, it’s best to have something a little faster than a telescope to engage the bad guy.

The XTI2 from XS Sights solves both problems with a robust 45-degree offset set of “Ember Glow” photoluminescent sights for mounting on a carbine’s Pic rail. These were originally designed for three-gun use but provide a very quick solution for backup even if you’re using your gun for serious “social” purposes. Personally I prefer the 45-degree offset versions to the more-common flip-up sights that offer a plethora of ways to break or engage at the worse possible moment. Yeah, 45-degree sights could snag a sling or passing corner, but this concern aside, the XTI2 sights are more bombproof than the gun itself.

MSRP: $180


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