Wilderness Tactical Limited Stretch Sling


Wilderness Tactical Products makes my favorite ankle holster and they also make what is arguably the most well-reasoned weapon sling on the market.

The secret to the new Wilderness Tactical Limited Stretch Sling is its patent-pending stitching. There’s 1.25″ elastic webbing that makes up the body, but this is too stretchy in its raw form. As a result Wilderness Tactical reinforces the webbing with 2, 3, or 5 rows of longitudinal stitching to mitigate stretch. The sling can be optimized for Shockwave-style pistol-gripped shotguns, conventional rifles, or PSB-equipped pistols.

The basic design is a Giles Sling. If you’ve not used one before, the design comes from Giles Stock, a former SWAT cop and Gunsite instructor. The sling attaches front and rear and forms an adjustable loop. Slip the loop over your head and around your weak shoulder (the left side if you’re shooting right-handed). Thusly configured the gun can hang in front for instant access or in back to seem less threatening. Either method leaves both hands free. A stitched-in, tri-glide buckle allows instant adjustment on the fly.


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