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The versatile ESEE Expat Cleaver can chop, butcher, cleave, slice, dice firewood, meat and veggies for a clan of hungry hunters.

The Expat Cleaver is a mega-size chopping, butchering and food prep TOOL.

ESEE has always made hard-use knives from their whopping big camp building, trail blazing Junglas right on down to their small—but hard working—Izula model. The Expat Cleaver carries on the tradition and starts another as the first volley in a brand new line. Who is Expat, you ask? Many have asked, but few know. Expat is a real person, an adventurer who has used ESEE knives exclusively from the South American jungles to the mountainous Himalayas, forming a tight relationship with the ESEE and many dedicated followers for over 15 years.

At 11.0 inches overall and weighing in at a hefty 10.8 ounces, the Expat Cleaver is made for mammoth tasks. Its 6.0-inch 1095 high carbon steel blade is 0.188-inch thick and owns a deep, 1-inch blade grind. For corrosion resistance the exposed metal has a dappled black powdercoat finish. For sheer cool, there’s a cutout of the state of Idaho on the tip for hanging the beast up to dry. The Expat Cleaver’s rugged handle borrows its design from the ESEE Junglas, with rugged G10 scales (your choice of black or orange) and ample size to delight the biggest of mitts. If your needs include processing large game and slicing and dicing your way to feeding a large group of hungry campmates, this whopper of a chopper is a machine—and its 1095 high carbon steel is easy to sharpen in the wild.

While large game butchering and meal prep are obvious uses for the Expat Cleaver, it’s also a camp tool which can be used as a hand axe to chop and baton firewood, fell small trees for shelter and perform myriad other heavy-duty camp chores. You need not worry about thinking outside the box because the Expat Cleaver, like all ESEE knives and tools, comes with a lifetime warranty. The Expat Cleaver is delivered with a black leather sheath with securing loop for $276.50.

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