Warthog Classic II
Knife Sharpener: Part II


This is another item I felt had promise, but there were nagging doubts because it hadn’t yet received a long-term workout on hundreds of different knives by the time it was reviewed. Fortunately, my mind is at ease now because I’ve witnessed the Warthog working wonders.
It’s certainly ungainly and odd. In the initial review of the sharpener in the August 2021 issue, I said it resembles an 18th century torture device but once the levers start levering and rods start sliding, knives get sharp quickly and with minimal fuss. I’ve now sharpened everything in our house and garage, so I know it works!

The contraption looks complicated, gangly and unintuitive but once you get past the homely appearance, this thing could put even a sharp edge on a dull wit. Joe, we’re thinking of you.

MSRP: $99.99

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