Value Over the Years

A Proven Belt-Holster Combo

You know something has value...

…when you use it over and over again — over years of time. That’s true of a few gun accessories I own, including a particular belt and holster. Here’s the story behind the value over the years:

Gun writers regularly hear questions such as: “What’s the best (insert gear type here)?” Or, “Should I buy a (insert manufacturer name here)? Regardless of the information sought, my answers usually start with, “It depends…” and then lead into a string of questions to help clarify intent or actual needs. Sometimes, however, the questions and answers are much more clear, as in, “What’s a really good value in a concealed carry holster?” I’ve got several answers for that one, but when I answer, I also emphasize the need for a sturdy gun belt, which of course adds to the total amount that needs to be spent. One very good holster/belt combination — and an excellent value — is the Galco Matrix M7X and the DeSantis EconoBelt. Together the MSRP’s for these two pieces of equipment total $66.79, less than the cost of some individual holsters or gun belts.

And for me, these two pieces of gear have been a part of a regular rotation of use. For years.

Galco M7X Matrix

A simple belt slide holster, the M7X Matrix affixes to a belt with two snap loops. While relatively little material actually holds the handgun, it does so firmly and with a custom fit — i.e., you order a specific M7X Matrix for a specific handgun. The snaps and belt loops pull the gun in tight and work with a gun belt to ensure stability of ride. And that’s it. The M7X Matrix offers no adjustments to cant or height or tightness on the gun. It’s easy-on, easy-off, and a secure ride, all for $30.80 (currently on sale at Galco’s website).

DeSantis EconoBelt

I paired up the Galco M7X Matrix with the DeSantis EconoBelt, a $35.99 gun belt that DeSantis says has been a best-seller. It’s easy to see why: This basic but good-looking and functional belt is a rock-solid platform for a handgun holster. At 1-½ inches wide and about 3.5mm thick, it was a perfect match for the snap loops of the M7X Matrix. With its subdued black finish, the belt is comprised of bonded leather and other synthetic materials.

For gear that’s meant to securely carry a handgun and remain out of sight until absolutely needed, the Galco M7X Matrix and DeSantis EconoBelt accomplishes that well and answers two questions: “What’s a good value in a holster and belt combination?” and “What will hold up and remain in use for years?”

Learn more at Galco and DeSantis.