Trijicon RMRcc

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Alternating live rounds and empties, then clearing jams by pounding the pistol sight on a wooden post to free the slide, I left the post for dead. The RMRcc looked like new. Same zero.

Famously durable, Trijicon’s RMR overhangs compact pistols the way a 5-25×56 scope dwarfs a saddle carbine. The new 1x, 1¼-oz. RMRcc is but 0.9″ tall, 0.9″ wide, with a 0.76×0.56 window. It’s a snug, near-seamless match to Springfield’s Hellcat, GLOCK’s 48, the M&P Shield — carry-clan autos stay concealable!

Next thought: “I won’t find the dot!” But two days’ shooting proved me wrong. The small screen narrowed my focus. “Dot acquisition is a grip issue,” said Scott Jedlinski of Trijicon. “Pressure the gun’s toe. The dot comes from 12 o-clock.” And it did!

The RMRcc has a unique footprint, Trijicon has oodles of adapter plates, no gunsmithing required. I like that. Nine brightness settings suit the dot (3¼- or 6½-minute) to any condition.
MSRP: $699

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