Toughbuilt Reload Utility Knife


Here’s a cool bit of kit you might want to keep in your range bag — a knife that operates like a semi-automatic firearm!

The ToughBuilt Reload Utility Knife pretty much looks like a standard-issue utility knife, perfect for cutting target backers, tape, ammo cartons and all the other stuff you deal with at the range. Where it’s seriously different becomes apparent when it’s time to change the blade. After you pull the used blade out, you then retract the blade button where it picks up a new blade from the five-slot interior magazine, much like a semi-auto handgun. Now, no more stopping in the middle of chores to get a sharp blade or change types. ToughBuilt also makes a super-nifty folding scraper that won’t be much use around the range (unless you’re repainting) but is the best design I’ve seen.

Street Price: Around $18

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