The Kopis STK


The STK features a titanium frame featuring a multi-functional blade
with a host of cool functions built in.

One place where the question “What is this younger generation coming to?” is in the cutlery industry. Sure, there was some hand-wringing among the older generation around a decade ago, but any worries have been erased by a new crew of millennials who’ve picked up the cutting-edge mantle with gusto.

The Bahlatzis brothers of Denver’s Kopis Design are a prime example. Their STK (Sliding Knife Tool) is an innovative multi-tool designed by older brother Jonathan, whose background in manufacturing engineering no doubt serves as a strong foundation. Younger brother David, a business communications specialist, handles all aspects of marketing Kopis’ various knives and tools in the company stable. Given the Bahlatzis brothers’ penchant for social media, it’s no surprise the initial push for launching STK was through a successful project on the preeminent crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

The STK is rectangular in shape with a titanium frame housing a top-shelf S35VN stainless steel blade with a variety of various functions designed-in. The open-faced 6AL4V Titanium housing is 3” long by 1.6” wide, with a leaf machined into the backside serving as a lock once the blade is fully extended. Attached to the back is a clip (similar to those found on modern EDC folders) which can be used in a variety of ways. You can clip the STK to the lip of a pocket or backpack strap. Or carry it loose in your pocket where the clip can also serve as a money clip. In addition, there’s also a lanyard hole in the base.

At 2.9 ozs. all closed up, it can easily be carried loose in the pocket.

Many Functions

The heart of the STK is its multi-functional blade, which not only serves as a knife but has a load of other functions built in as well. With the blade fully extended the overall length of the STK is 4.5” with its beefy 0.1875”-thick chisel ground blade making up 1.5” of the total. The 90-degree edge on the lead edge is dedicated to cutting chores such as whacking rope or cord and opening boxes. The squared front edge can handle scraping tasks while the notched back makes for a nifty pry bar. A diagonal notch on the backside of the blade serves as a 1/4” bit driver or a bottle opener while a sharpened detent at the base of the lead edge can be used as a wire stripper. Thanks to the STK’s use of titanium, the whole package checks in at a scant 2.9 ozs., so it won’t bog your britches down.

Despite its compact size, the Kopis STK is built like a tank and is a bulldog in the hand. Although it’s designed as a tool, don’t overlook its ability to get you out of a pinch in a self-defense scenario. A bad guy would play hell trying to snatch it out of your hand.

Kopis Designs offers the STK in a plain finish with an optional Apocalypse or Tiger Stripe pattern available (the latter which is shown here). If it’s time to turn your bulky multi-tool into a streamlined easy-to-carry pocket powerhouse, look no further than the Kopis Designs STK. MSRP for such coolness is $200.

Ph: (518) 423-1731

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