The ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Safe

Protection Hiding in Plain Sight

The ABDO from European American Armory is an unconventional open-carry
solution that won’t alarm the little old lady in line next to you at the grocery.

Phasmids are insects designed to look like something they are not. The walking stick bug is the archetypal example. Such camouflage is an effective survival mechanism in nature.

Likewise, the ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Safe from EAA rides on your belt and looks like a big cellphone. However, hit a switch and the cover pops open to reveal your instantly accessible defensive handgun. It’s safe, secure concealed carry but wholly inoffensive to the less durable members of society.

The ABDO is pretty big. However, some of the more recent cellphones are at least this large so the size shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. The exterior of the case has molded-in features resembling a camera lens and sundry camouflage to complete the charade.

The case locks with a key if desired and is spring-loaded. Slide a readily accessible catch and the cover springs open. The gun remains retained via a polymer rod riding in the bore.

When closed, the ABDO appears to be a large phone or electronic device.

When open, it holds a fistful of reassurance.

The ABDO accepts modest-sized .380 ACP handguns and they publish a list of compatible firearms on their website. The dimensions are such that only sub-compact .380 ACP pocket guns will fit.

There is also a smart version that includes electronic remote locking, app-driven features and controls, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, a self-awareness alarm and optional GPS location tracking. The basic ABDO will set you back 50 bucks. The connected version is around $350.

Packing a firearm for personal defense is a multifaceted challenge orbiting around training, weapon selection, the operating environment, and your carry solution. The ABDO allows you to keep your firearm easily accessible on your belt without anyone around you being the wiser. Secure, accessible, rugged, and lightweight, the ABDO is the gun safe that you wear.

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